Between the Covers Goes to TESFest!

There will be no downtown reading of Between the Covers this month because we have found that people would rather party with loved ones on the 4th of July rather than hear smut (we are shocked!).

But the show must go on!

So Between the Covers will go to TESFest, the annual gathering of sex positive kinksters from New York held in New Jersey.

The event is not-quite-open to the public, as you have to be a registered guest to attend, but if you are there, please come hear our smut.

Join us for a Midnight reading and performance by some of your TESFest writers.

Undergroundsea will return to Between the Covers with his femdom comedy stylings which were well-received at Geeky KInk in 2013. We can only hope that we may again be graced with his hot leather pants!

Cassandra Park will read new stories.

Pleasure Salon co-founder Selina Fire will share some pages from the lusty tales of her autobiography (30 years in the making).

Graydancer will read from a hot rope bondage story.

And maybe a few more surprise readers!

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