Blue Stockings Hosts FREE reading from Queering Sexual Violence Anthology 5/10

Join us for a reading and discussion from the groundbreaking anthology QUEERING SEXUAL VIOLENCE on Tuesday, May 10th at the feminist/activist bookstore Blue Stockings (who have renewed their lease for 5 more years – yeah!).

Buy the book and get it signed by the following readers for the evening presentation:
Samantha Barrick is a poet, performer, writer and educator. She teaches Medical Humanities at the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education at The City College of New York, and in the Program of Narrative Medicine at Columbia University. She has facilitated creative resilience and writing workshops with survivors of sexual assault, and has been known to ride her motorcycle around the country sharing her poems in all kinds of venues; big, small, loud, silent, fabulous and awkward. She really likes performing with musicians and other kinds of artists. She is the author of GRIT and tender membrane (Plan B Press), Jelly (a chapbook, Tiger/ Monkey Alliance), and Chap (self published). Her poetry, prose, reviews and interviews have been published in The Ledge Magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Philadelphia City Paper, Off Our Backs, Avalon Magazine, Lesbian Nation, Feminist Review, Edible Vineyard, Manorborn, Moonstone’s Poetry Ink Anthology and Helmet Hair. She has been included in two Uphook Press Anthologies: “you say. say.” and “Hell Strung and Crooked. She lives in New York City and Oak Bluffs, Massachussetts.

Reina Gossett lives in Fort Greene, Brooklyn and believes creativity and imagination are vital in movements for self determination. She is a trans activist and artist blogging at Reina’s writing has been featured in Barnard College’s The Scholar & Feminist Online, as well as Captive Genders: Trans Embodiement & The Prison Industrial Complex, Post Post Script Press and Randy Magazine.

Ida Hammer, MSW, is a writer and lifelong activist living in New York City working with others in the women’s, trans, and LGBQ communities for social change. Her work centers on the well-being of trans women. She started the Trans Women’s Anti-Violence Project as a trans feminist initiative to address violence and oppression experienced by trans women. She is a proud dyke-identified trans woman, and an organizer for the New York City Dyke March.

Darnell L. Moore is a writer and activist who lives in Brooklyn, NY. He is a co-managing editor of The Feminist Wire and co-founder of YOU Belong. His writings have appeared in various media and scholarly outlets.

Nitika is a South Asian femme and foodie. She writes from spirit, believes in magic, and dreams her way into truth and beauty. Born in India and raised in Kuwait, she has lived in the United States for thirteen long years. Home continues to be dispersed among hearts.

Aishah Shahidah Simmons is a Black feminist lesbian filmmaker, writer, international lecturer, and activist. An incest and rape survivor, Aishah is the producer, writer, and director of the Ford Foundation-funded, internationally acclaimed, award-winning film NO! The Rape Documentary. NO! explores the international atrocity of heterosexual rape and other forms of sexual assault through the first person testimonies, scholarship, spirituality, activism and cultural work of African-Americans. Subtitled in Spanish, French, and Portuguese, NO! also explores how rape is used as a weapon of homophobia. She credits her 12-year practice of Vipassana Meditation as one of the non-negotiable tools that support her work on gender-based violence issues. She presently teaches in the Women’s Studies and LGBT Studies programs at Temple University, and was both a Visiting Lecturer in the Department of Cinema and Media Studies at the University of Chicago and an Erma O’Brien Distinguished Guest Professor at Scripps College. An associate editor of the online magazine The Feminist Wire, Aishah’s cultural work and activism have been documented extensively in a wide range of media outlets including The Root, Crisis, Forbes, Left of Black, In These Times, Ms., Alternet, ColorLines, The Philadelphia Weekly, National Public Radio (NPR), Pacifica Radio Network, and Black Entertainment Television (BET). You can follow her on twitter @Afrolez on Twitter.

Jennifer Patterson is a writer, creative and herbalist who uses words, threads and plants to explore queer survivorhood, the body and healing. She has had writing published in OCHO: A Journal of Queer Arts, the Outrider Review, and on The Feminist Wire. Jennifer began her anti-violence work as a rape crisis counselor and community organizer in NYC and has facilitated creative writing and fiber art workshops with queer and transgender survivors. With a past-life in fashion design, she now uses her hands to map and mark the body through movable states of (dis)embodiment. Jennifer is also finishing a graduate program at Goddard College focusing on trauma, queer survivorhood, healing, craft, loss, pleasure, pain, embodiment and creative non-fiction.

Blue Stockings, 172 Allen Street, 7:00 p.m.

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